Lose Weight by Eating: The Scandinavian Diet

by Sten Sture Skaldeman

ISBN: 978-1-90801800-7
Price: GBP 13,99 / USD 10,99

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From 150 to 80 kilos! Welcome to LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING, your first step on the road back to slimness and full health.

Whether you are mildly overweight or grossly obese, Sten Skaldeman has the answer. To begin anew, we must first go back to our beginnings – the very diet that mankind first evolved to eat. By choosing the right foods and adopting a few simple principles, Sten Skaldeman shows you how you can, quite literally, lose weight without ever having to starve yourself again.

Have you ever wondered why human beings are the only animals who get fat? Why, after all the thousands of generations of mankind, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are now more common than ever?

Amidst the endless fads and yo-yo diets, Sten Skaldeman has the answer. Welcome, then, to the Scandinavian Diet.

In LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING, Sten Skaldeman leads us back toward the diet mankind evolved to eat – a diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrates that will prevent, and help us recover from, all our lifestyle illnesses.

Here you will find the recipes to put you on the road back to slimness and full health, and learn how to unlock your own body’s own secret powers for fighting disease.

Join in with the Scandinavian Diet today – and live, at last, as healthily as nature intended.

Lose Weight by Eating

Diabetes, No Thanks!

by Lars-Erik Litsfeldt

ISBN (book) 978-1-90801801-4
Price approx. 13,99 GBP / USD 10,99

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Lars-Erik Litsfeldt was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001. Only a few months later, he suffered a heart attack. Yet the official medical advice staggered him: he should continue to eat sugar, the very thing making him sick, so long as he also took drugs that would, inevitably, make him gain weight.

In DIABETES? NO THANKS! Lars-Erik investigates the hypocrisy that keeps diabetics dependent on drugs – and reveals the unique way in which countless sufferers are learning to control their symptoms through diet alone.

Flying in the face of official advice, Lars-Erik shows us how a low-carbohydrate, high fat diet can, in fact, alleviate the symptoms of diabetes and help sufferers defy the dreaded "natural course of events".

Written with passion and verve, and based on over a decade of personal and clinical experience, DIABETES? NO THANKS! is a timely appeal for diabetics across the world to embrace a new way of eating, and prove that people can – and do! – get better.

Diabetes? No Thanks (The Scandinavian Diet)

The Scandinavian Diet: Healthy With Low Carbs

by Dr Sofie Hexeberg

ISBN: 978-1-90801802-1 (book)
Price: GBP 13,99 / USD 10,99
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Welcome to a long-lasting feeling of well-being. In THE SCANDINAVIAN DIET: HEALTHY WITH LOW CARBS, Dr Sofie Hexeberg shows you how you can protect yourself from obesity, heart disease, diabetes – not through drugs, but by simple changes in your diet. Exhaustively researched and based on clinical studies, THE SCANDINAVIAN DIET is a programme few of us can afford to ignore.

Why is it that obesity, heart disease and diabetes are so rife in Western civilisation, while indigenous peoples across the world never develop these conditions at all? Why are more and more people becoming dependent on drugs to remain fit and healthy? Why do we continue to slave away at the same old diets and never see any real reward?

Through exhaustive research and detailed case histories of her patients, Dr Sofie Hexenberg shows us how we can, in fact, protect ourselves from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and all sorts of other conditions – not through drugs, but by simple changes in our diet. By reducing the number of carbohydrates in our meals, and increasing the amount of fat, not only will we see the pounds dropping away, but we will help our body build its own defences against all kinds of debilitating conditions. THE SCANDINAVIAN DIET - HEALTHY WITH LOW CARBS is an impassioned plea to look beyond modern dieting fads and the pressures of the big pharmaceutical companies – and to find true health.

"The only truly healthy diet is one that is based on natural fats and has few carbohydrates... Books like HEALTHY WITH LOW CARBS are essential reading if you want to learn how to live a truly happy, healthy life."


Dr Sofie Hexeberg is born in 1960 and is a Medical Doctor and has a doctorate in nutrition. Her book have been on the Norwegian bestseller list for more than one year!

The Scandianvian Diet: Getting Healthy With Low Carb (The Scandinavian Diet)

The Scandinavian Diet