About us

Little Moon Publishing ltd.

Little Moon Publishing is born out of the prolific Norwegian publishing house, Lille Måne — which has come to dominate the Norwegian market in books about nutrition and healthy eating. We are bringing our most successful authors abroad and showing not only Scandinavia, but the entire world, the new trends in nutrition and the experience and research that supports it.

Little Moon Publishing is the culmination of over 15 years experience in the book trade; although we are new to the UK, our experience, passion and business acumen will be the supporting pillars we need to achieve success in our fresh market. We never let go of an opportunity to promote our books because we know the importance of making that extra effort and have proven time and time again how that bit of expertly guided work can raise a good book to the next level.

We Work From the Bottom-Up

Our business-model is to support and build up under our authors' work when we provide our services, be it in editing, consulting, marketing, printing, distribution, design, publication strategy or internet strategy. The reason we build our services on our authors' work is that we believe the most important aspect of any service we provide is quality, but what does this mean in publishing?

To identify a books best aspects, and put our weight behind promoting these with a sincere and focused effort!

Since quality is paramount at Little Moon Publishing, we believe in a doctrine of continuous improvement. We never claim to be perfect because we always know there is room for improvement, and we always strive to be better, no matter how many successes we achieve.

Innovating, Improving, Changing, Innovating …

The importance of continuous improvement is a defining aspect of any player in the creative industry as there are constantly new things happening; new products, angles and outlets are being developed at a break-neck pace, and we love it. Therefore we put our effort into being proactive — this means being at the forefront and not only catching and reacting, but bringing in new developments ourselves. In other words, a successful relationship for us is one where all parties achieve an improving transformation, including: authors, clients, readers, suppliers, traders and ourselves.

The Man

Jan Mesicek is the founder and owner of Little Moon Publishing. He has many years of experience in media and publishing, and the energy and confident skill with which he runs his business reflects this. Among this innovative giant’s successes* are a close and tailored business relationship with both clients and suppliers where trust, high-quality service and dedication is mutually expected of all parties. Furthermore it is important to work with a team that combines both youth and experience because, as Mr Mesicek says, “How else can one innovate and provide quality at the same time?”

To contact us about our coming release, send a mail to Jan Mesicek, jan@lillemaane.no (We do not accept manuscripts at this time)


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